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LUXIS expected to build the most innovated webiste for all of the customers around the world. First, we have to start small, and accomplish something big step by step. We are located in Los Angeles, California, and just a small work studio. Even we are small, we bring the passion into our work and being a professional in web designing field for over 3 years.

It is challanging at beginning, but everything is worth it until we meet our clients’ satisfaction. When we see our clients smiles when they look their brand new website, that is one of the biggest gift for LUXIS Web Design.

LUXIS Designer

World is amazing, so are you.

Luke Lee

Luke Lee

LUXIS Director

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Daiwan Hero, Inc.

Equipment for Agricultural Industry

MX Locker

Motocross Multi-Vendor E-Commerce


E-Commerce Climbing Equipment

MaryWashington MD

Nephrologist / Doctor E-Commerce 

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